A new website created for Grounded NY

We have created a new website for a great cafe and catering business in Kingston, NY called Grounded. Led by Chef Linda Laestadius, Grounded Catering is dedicated to providing the freshest food, based on local, organic and bio-dynamic ingredients and a commitment to sustainability.  We been lucky enough to eat Chef Linda’s food on several occasions and it is both really fantastic to taste and also very very pretty to look at.

This site gets its very nice look due to the great photos that Grounded was able to suppy us.  Nothing makes a food website better than photos like these.

This website was designed as a Squarespace site, which gives it a really nice contemporary look with several great features included.


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Make your website responsive and avoid being penalized by Google!

On April 21, 2015 Google started punishing websites that it deemed were not “mobile friendly”.  Notification was sent to all those registered as Google Webmasters, and also through press releases to the media that from that date forward, the search rank of websites without a “mobile solution” would begin to be penalized in the Google search rank.

How do you know if your website will be affected?  There is a tool Google put out that will test your websites URL and determine if you have passed the “mobile friendly” standard.  Here is the Google Mobile Test Tool.

If your website is a bit older, there is a very good chance that your site might not pass the test.  Especially if you site came into being before there were the tools we use today to build sites that work across all browser platforms – computer, iPad, and mobile phone.

There are two solutions if your site isn’t recieving a passing grade in the test put out by Google.  Redo your site as a “responsive design site” or make a “mobile version” of your website.

Currently all the sites that Fab Web Work designs are responsive design sites.  This means that the sites are coded to display differently when the screen they are appearing on is various sizes.  The website displays one way on a full screen computer, another on an iPad and another still on a mobile phone.  Still, it is one website, and one URL location.

A “mobile” site differs from a responsive design site, in that it is actually a separate website, with a separate URL, usually similar to the original site, but with .mobile as part of it.  Mobile sites are usually stripped down versions of the website, coded for display on mobile devices.  While this solution will work to avoid Google’s penalty, there are certain issues that may arise due to there being actually two websites for the company, one .mobile and one not.

If you are finding that your website is not passing the “mobile friendly” test and would like to explore your options going forward, contact us and we would be happy to take a look at your site and help determine some options to consider moving forward.

Bottom line:  you do not want your website ranking to suffer due to a lack of “mobile solution”.


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LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya Art of the Brick exhibit at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute

This weekend we visited the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to see the exhibit “Art of the Brick” by Nathan Sawaya. Mr. Sawaya is a world famous artist who makes art, primarily sculptures from LEGO bricks. Many of his works are LEGO versions of famous art pieces by others, such as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Rodin. Other works are more personal, reflecting on his life experiences. There also was a room filled with pieces done in collaboration with photographer Dean West. For this collaboration Sawaya made objects out of legos that were used as props in the photos, and the results were quite fun. In fact, fun is a great description of the whole exhibit. We had a great feeling as we viewed the exhibit – real art made from material mostly associated with children’s play. It was kind of inspirational. Photos were encouraged. Here are some of ours:



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Baby it’s still cold outside

At least wear a hat!  And don’t forget your ruby encrusted mushrooms.


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Baby it’s cold outside

Here comes winter! Bundle up – at least wear a scarf. And this little dude is adorable.

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Apple has opened their iPhone and iPad Map app to businesses!

You can now place your business on their map. Go to https://mapsconnect.apple.com and input your information.
With Maps now being installed on every iPhone, iPad and computer sold by Apple, this is definitely a place to be. If you want more information about this, check out our social media director Jim Goodman’s blog post about it on his Leopard Studio Blog.


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Fab joins forces with Terese Anthony!

terese-anthonyOrigFab Web is excited to announce that Terese Anthony has come aboard! She has 12 years experience in marketing – specializing in online advertising and marketing. She is based in Los Angeles! We are thrilled to work with Terese and have a presence in L.A. Welcome Terese!!

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Fitness Showrooms gets a New Design – Responsive, Device Friendly WordPress Site

Fitness Showrooms – We recently completed a redesign on a responsive HTML site that we had put together a while back. We updated the site to a NEW lovely responsive WordPress site.  The design and feel is very clean and minimal. There are pages for each fitness store location that include a store video for each location. If you need a roomful of fitness equipment or just a piece or two, check out Fitness Showrooms! www.fitnessshowrooms.com

Fitness Showrooms

Fab Web Work gets a new responsive WordPress site!

We’ve got a new responsive WordPress site for ourselves. Now we look good on mobile devices too. It’s about time but you know how that goes – busy busy busy. We LOVE it!!!!!
Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 5.28.33 PM

Whole Sky Yoga – Responsive, Device Friendly WordPress Site

Whole Sky Yoga – Visit Sara and the gang and get some yoga happening!   What a beautiful site designed and programmed by FAB!  Visit WSY High Falls, NY.   www.wholeskyyoga.com

Whole Sky Yoga