The Afflictions Audiobook : Sound Engineering by Fab’s Jim Goodman

Fab Web Works own Jimmy Goodman did the sound engineering work on a fantastic audiobook, called The Afflictions. The book was written by Vikram Paralkar, read by Andrew Panebianco, and published by Lanternfish Press, in Philadelphia. The sound engineering work included recording Andrew Panebianco as he read the book, sewing the various takes together, and engineering the result in terms of sound quality and volume level.

The Afflictions is a collection of imaginary diseases, by turns magical and gruesome, witty and philosophical. These afflictions are the tantalizing remnants of a long-lost, all-encompassing Encyclopedia of Medicine.

Vikram Paralkar is a hematologist and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, which enables him to tell a story that is totally fictitious, and have it sound quite authentic in its medical nature. Of course however, this story comes out of the late Renaissance period, and as such none of these diseases are what we consider diseases in the modern sense. There is a lot of psychology to descriptions, during a deeply religious and old morality period.

We invite you to the Afflictions audiobook launch party here is Philadelphia: Tuesday, September 15th, 8 PM, at Tattooed Mom – 530 South Street.

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