LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya Art of the Brick exhibit at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute

This weekend we visited the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to see the exhibit “Art of the Brick” by Nathan Sawaya. Mr. Sawaya is a world famous artist who makes art, primarily sculptures from LEGO bricks. Many of his works are LEGO versions of famous art pieces by others, such as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Rodin. Other works are more personal, reflecting on his life experiences. There also was a room filled with pieces done in collaboration with photographer Dean West. For this collaboration Sawaya made objects out of legos that were used as props in the photos, and the results were quite fun. In fact, fun is a great description of the whole exhibit. We had a great feeling as we viewed the exhibit – real art made from material mostly associated with children’s play. It was kind of inspirational. Photos were encouraged. Here are some of ours:



April 13th, 2015|philadelphia, time off|